Frustrated by complicated reports from your Mastercard and Visa transactions? 

InsightOptix is a cost-effective suite of tools for streamlining and optimising Mastercard and Visa's intricate transaction reporting and file management.

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The InsightOptix suite includes:

Mastercard File Parsers

  • Mastercard T112 Report Generator for building user-friendly reports from Mastercard’s incoming T112 files.
  • Mastercard T464 Report Generator helps automate daily transaction analysis to understand customer spending patterns.
  • Mastercard TN70 Report Generator delivers clearing and reconciliation data, including interchange fees, chargebacks and more.


Visa File Parsers

  • Visa 733 Report Generator helps to visualise spending patterns, understand customer behaviour and more.
  • Visa 733F Report Generator offers detailed information to investigate and resolve chargebacks, adjustments and other discrepancies.
  • Visa EPIN Report Generator offers deeper insights into transaction flows for complex reconciliation and analysis.
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