A seamless currency purchase experience. Buy online and collect from an ATM or kiosk.

A pinnacle of innovation, Click&Collect eradicates the need for complex integrations into existing systems. This game-changer for Forex providers signifies more than just convenience.


It’s a transformational tool that empowers a seamless, self-service solution to enhance customer experience, reduce wait times, and facilitate services at unattended locations.


Increase efficiency. Increase revenue.

  • Speeds up transactions by converting payment transactions into pre-staged collections.
  • Offers revenue flexibility by enabling differentiated pricing.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your ATM platform, ensuring rapid deployment.
  • Provides secure, cardless solutions, including “emergency cash”.
  • Enhances security by separating payment components from transaction completion.

Transactions of the future, available now.

Learn how to increase your revenue with Click&Collect